Welcome to Integral Enlightenment’s Virtual Meditation Temple. This space is a meditation “portal” connecting you with other meditators around the world who are visiting the temple at the same time as you are.

Every day on the hour, a different guided meditation will begin. As soon as you arrive on this page, the current meditation will begin to play automatically. (If you wish to pause the audio, you may do so at any time by pressing the pause button below. Please note that the meditation will continue to progress, even if you have paused your audio playback.)

You may begin meditating at any time, and stay as long as you like. Many (but not all) of the meditations will include practice instructions and guidance, observations, and suggestions from Craig, usually at the beginning and/or the end of the practice. If you hear silence after playback begins, that means the meditation has already begun.

Meditations begin at the top of every hour with a guiding introduction from Craig.
You may hear silence for extended periods of time while the meditation is taking place.

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