Where Being Meets Becoming: The Miraculous Power of Letting Go

In this 45-minute talk, Craig explores one of the most confusing and fascinating elements of the spiritual life: the relationship between the meditative experience of emptiness and the exhilarating energy and creativity of the evolutionary impulse.

Below the video player is an MP3 version of the talk, if you’d prefer to engage the content in that way. 

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What if you could transform your entire life into a spiritual experience?

Despite peak experiences that show us how life could be, most of us still find that day-to-day challenges pull us back into our old, unenlightened habits. But what if your entire life could become a spiritual practice—and a spiritual experience? What if every relationship, every moment at work, every minute at play could be infused with a profound sense of purpose and the freedom and clarity of enlightened awareness?

In this 90-minute audio workshop with spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton, you’ll discover the simple shift that can transform your spiritual practice and open the door to an awakened life.

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