Awakening the Impulse to Evolve

Practices to Prepare for Meditation

Before each meditation session, spend 5-15 minutes engaging one of the following preparatory practices. By reminding us why we are meditating in the first place, these practices help to clear away any ambivalence about practicing meditation, and also help to ground us in a clear and strong intention to give everything to our practice for the highest reasons.

Awakening to Evolution

Reflect on the evolutionary journey of the Cosmos—the 14 billion year creative unfolding that began with the Big Bang. Feel the evolutionary impulse that surged forth, first as an impulse to create and organize the material universe, then as an impulse to create and evolve life in all its beauty and diversity, then, with the birth of the human, as an impulse to create and evolve culture into ever higher expressions of complexity and integration. Now, feel how this same impulse is surging in your own heart as the desire to grow and evolve in consciousness, to both know the Source, and to participate in the higher, creative unfolding of consciousness and a more evolved, enlightened humanity. Recognize that by practicing meditation wholeheartedly, you are helping to liberate consciousness from the patterns of the past and the inertia of its embededness in matter, so that it can consciously and freely evolve through your participation. Enter into meditation rooted in this pure intention to free consciousness for the highest possible reasons.

Confronting the Human Condition

Reflect on the current state of your own life and consciousness. How free is your soul? How awake is your awareness? How liberated is your mind from the conditioned habits of the past? How open and expansive is your heart? Do you act in habitual, unconscious ways that cause yourself and others to suffer unnecessarily? Are you held in the grip of any addictions, small or large? Do you spend your time preoccupied with the past and fearing for the future? Do you know deep down that your life could be so much more? Are you living in full alignment with your deepest values? Are you living up to the highest, most profound spiritual truths you’ve realized? How are you impacting the world around you? Are you a vibrant, radiant force for evolution? Recognize that whatever limitations you are currently experiencing and expressing are simply an expression of the current evolutionary state of humanity. Face the truth that these limitations will almost inevitably continue unless you and others engage in intensive, committed spiritual practice. Become aware that by giving yourself wholeheartedly to meditation practice, and to other authentic spiritual practices, you can liberate yourself from all the patterns and limitations of the past. In doing so, you can discover an extraordinary and unimaginable new life, and become a living expression of the answer to the human predicament. Ground your meditation in the intention to awaken from the limitations of the human condition, not merely for your own happiness, but for the sake of evolution itself and the creation of an enlightened future for humanity.

The Call of The Soul

Reflect on the real reason you entered the spiritual path in the first place. What was it that compelled you to seek a deeper, more meaningful, more enlightened life? What did you sense was possible for human life? What was it that pulled on your soul? Allow yourself to be naked before the purity and vulnerability of this calling. Does this longing connect you to something larger than yourself? Can you recognize that, in its essence, this longing is not your longing to bring something into your life, but is in fact a profound and sacred mystery longing for your participation in its unfolding in the world? Allow yourself to feel the deepest yearning of the Divine beckoning for your attention, calling to you for your submission before the throne of the Ultimate so that you can become a vessel for its manifestation in time and space. Enter into your meditation practice rooted in the intention to give all of yourself to the practice in surrender to this greater calling.