An Active Approach to Spiritual Practice

Integral Enlightenment Practices are designed with one goal in mind: to help you break free from the self-perpetuating prison of the ego and learn how to live every moment of your life from the deepest, most awake, alive center of your being. By helping you break with the habit energy of the past, they enable you to become increasingly free to consciously co-create an enlightened future.

This is an active, engaged approach to spiritual practice. In pursuing these practices, we encourage you to view your life as a laboratory of conscious evolution, and to engage each practice as an experiment in liberating and evolving your consciousness and your way of being in the world.*

Integral Enlightenment Practices are broken down into five distinct categories of practice, each approaching the task of conscious evolution from a unique and important vantage point.

Where do I begin?

If you are beginning the practice as a solitary individual, choose one practice from each of the first four categories listed below and commit to engaging it daily for one week. If you are part of a group that is interested in engaging these practices, your group can also choose one of the Group Inquiry Practices listed below to engage during your next gathering.

Awakening the Impulse to Evolve
Practices to Prepare for Meditation

Experiencing the Freedom of Being
Meditation Practices for an Enlightened Life

Aligning with the Purpose of Life
Transformative Inquiry Practices for Conscious Evolution

Embodying Spirit in Action
Engaged Inquiry Practices for Enlightened Living

Creating Evolutionary Culture
Group Inquiry Practices for Collective Enlightenment

*A Note on Spiritual Dilettantism (and why this is completely different)
One of the biggest problems of contemporary spirituality is what some have called the “cafeteria approach” to spiritual life. Unlike the traditional religions, which provided us with a strict, prescribed regimen of practices, the popular spiritual marketplace encourages us to pick and choose those practices and ideas which suit us. The great limitation in this approach is that the individual ego usually remains firmly in control of the spiritual path, choosing those practices and ideas that don’t threaten its reign.

At first glance, Integral Enlightenment’s approach to spiritual practice could be seen as yet another form of cafeteria spirituality. Rather than encouraging you to do one single spiritual practice for the next ten years, we are instead presenting you with multiple practices and encouraging you to engage all of them, turning your life into a living experiment in conscious evolution. The reason this is not another form of cafeteria spirituality is that we encourage you to continue to engage all of these practices—forever. If you study the menu of different practices outlined below, you’ll see that these practices are in fact designed to help you learn to engage with the challenges of life from a radically different vantage point. As you engage each practice with sincerity and commitment, it should eventually become second nature to you. That’s the meaning of Integral Enlightenment—when the light of Truth and Wisdom becomes integrated into your life so completely that you walk through the world shining that light on everything you see.