Integral Enlightenment Audio Library

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Talks by IE Founder Craig Hamilton

Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos: How to Align Your Life with the Impulse of Evolution
This teleseminar explores the evolutionary approach to spiritual practice Craig Hamilton calls “Integral Enlightenment.” Discover how to ignite your spiritual passion by aligning your life with the evolutionary impulse at the heart of the cosmos. And learn how a fundamental shift in orientation can open the door to an unimaginable life of sacred engagement in the great work of our time—the further evolution of life, humanity, and consciousness itself.

Integral Enlightenment: Why Authentic Spirituality Must Transform Our Humanity
In this talk, recorded at the 2008 Integral Theory in Action conference, Craig Hamilton calls into question the notion that spirituality is an independent “line of development,” and explains why any authentic spiritual path must bring about an “integral” transformation of our humanity.

The Future of God: A Call to Consciously Evolve
In this reflection on the purpose of life in the 21st century, Craig Hamilton calls us to wholeheartedly embrace a path of conscious evolution, not simply for our own happiness, but as our contribution to the further evolution of Life and Spirit.

Thoughts Don’t Create Reality—People Do!
With the immense popularity of science-meets-spirit self-help movies like “What the Bleep do we Know?” and “The Secret,” the “power of positive thinking” is all the rage these days. But is it really true that our thoughts create our reality? Or is there a deeper secret to transformation, rooted not in the content of our minds, but in the power of our actions? In the closing keynote at the Omega Institute’s Mind, Matter and Time conference, Craig Hamilton presents a rallying cry to transcend “magical thinking” and step into the liberating power of self-responsibility and enlightened action.