What Is Integral Enlightenment?

Integral EnlightenmentIntegral Enlightenment is an authentic, contemporary approach to spiritual practice designed to bring about a total transformation of our humanity.

It is a path for those of us who appreciate the great wisdom traditions of the past, but feel a yearning for a new spirituality that is informed by a leading-edge understanding of both the human condition and our place in the Cosmos.

Integral Enlightenment is also for those of us who know deep down that spiritual life is about much more than our personal happiness, peace, or contentment and feel disillusioned by the me-oriented, “have it your way” spirituality of the contemporary West. It’s for those who feel compelled to transform themselves not merely for their own liberation, but in order to serve the greatest calling there is—the further evolution of life, humanity, and consciousness itself—and the creation of a more enlightened world.

Our vision

Founded by evolutionary pioneer Craig Hamilton, Integral Enlightenment seeks to revitalize and update the spiritual path to meet the evolutionary needs of humanity in the 21st century. It was born out of the recognition that, although there is much about Truth that is timeless, the world has changed in the millennia since the birth of the great religions. And human beings have changed, too.

Integral EnlightenmentIt is no longer an option for the sincere spiritual practitioner to withdraw into a lifetime of solitary contemplation and meditation. We live in a rapidly changing, conflicted world that calls for our wholehearted engagement. A new spiritual impulse is arising, compelling us to find our self-transcendence in our wholehearted commitment to the conscious evolution of the whole. This new spiritual impulse is calling for a new set of spiritual practices. We need a path that not only cultivates inner peace and clarity, but that transforms us at the deepest level of our individuality—the level of our motivations, our will, and our character—enabling us to be truly enlightened actors working together for an enlightened future.

Integral Enlightenment is an approach to spiritual practice that aspires to meet this need by leveraging our unique, 21st century human capacities to meet our 21st century individual and collective challenges.

It embraces the wisdom of the great meditative traditions, but also reaches forward to unleash the profound spiritual potential inherent in our recently evolved capacities for self-awareness, introspection, self-authorship and relational intimacy.

What makes it “Integral”?

We recognize that for enlightenment, or spiritual transformation, to be truly meaningful, it must be “integral” in its impact, meaning that it must transform every aspect of our humanity—including our relationship with the world around us. In contrast to many contemporary spiritual teachings which tell us that enlightenment is merely an internal shift in consciousness with no visible outward signs, Integral Enlightenment offers a new set of practices and teachings designed to catalyze a revolution at the deepest levels of our being, leaving no stone unturned in its life-changing impact on our soul, our psyche, and the outward expression of our humanity.

It is our belief that only this kind of whole-being transformation will be sufficient to meet both the needs and demands of contemporary life, and the deepest longing of the human heart—the longing to be a vessel for the infinite in this world.