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Dear Friend,

Journeying with you through our nine-week course has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. I can’t begin to convey to you how exhilarating it is to see so many committed evolutionaries coming together in one place and giving so much to their own—and each other’s—evolution.

Taking the risk to grow and stretch beyond our comfort zones doesn’t always come with instant rewards, so the fact that such a large number of us are willing to engage this process means a lot about our own commitment, as well as about the collective field of support that’s been generated through our coming together.

Now that you’ve had a chance to taste the Integral Enlightenment approach, I’m sure that many of you are contemplating whether to take a deeper dive into this work.

For those of you who are considering further engagement with this path, I’d like to invite you to join us for our nine-month Evolutionary Life Transformation Program starting in November.

If you’re taking the time to read this page, chances are that through this course, you’ve gained some powerful new insights, opened to some new perspectives, or perhaps reawakened your passion for spiritual life. You may have even discovered an entirely new way of relating to this precious human life, and been lit on fire with a new awareness of exciting possibilities for your own growth and evolution.

Yet, you may have also noticed that it can be hard on your own to sustain consistent engagement with this evolutionary relationship to life.

In the midst of our busy contemporary lives, most of us find that without a formal structure to guide our ongoing journey, it’s difficult to sustain the intensity of focus required to make the radical shift that we all sense is possible.

It was out of my own recognition of this pressing need for an ongoing support structure–along with many student requests for such an opportunity to go further on the path together–that I created the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program.

In creating this program, I’ve brought together everything I’ve learned about how to catalyze authentic, lasting transformation.

This intensive program will guide you through a penetrating, accelerated process of evolution that will leave no stone unturned in its holistic impact on your life. As it unfolds, our intensive work together will allow you to to fully unleash the Evolutionary Self—the sacred, divine creative dimension of our being, who you most deeply are—so that it can inform and guide every aspect of your life.

For some of you, nine months may feel like a big commitment. But I can promise you that if you engage this process wholeheartedly, it will save you years and even decades on the path. This is a direct and accessible route to your highest evolution.

If you decide to embark with us on this adventure, I’ll do everything I can to support you in discovering the glorious freedom, joy, and purpose of living a fully embodied evolutionary relationship to life.

In the online brochure below, you’ll find an in-depth description of this unique evolutionary opportunity. The course starts on November 19.

I couldn’t be more excited about navigating this journey with you. If you decide to take the leap with us–I look forward to “seeing” you in class!

To our evolution,


An Invitation

an invitation
There’s a thrilling, awe-inspiring, sacred possibility for your life—and for human life. And you’ve seen it.

It’s possible for life to finally make deep and profound sense.

It’s possible to live each moment aligned with a true and higher sense of purpose.

It’s possible to leave behind the unconscious, limiting habits of the past and step into an unimaginable sense of freedom, wholeness and connection to the source of all that is.

Over the nine weeks of Integral Enlightenment: Awakening to an Evolutionary Relationship to Life, you’ve probably tasted this luminous and boundless potential: that of a life profoundly, undeniably aligned with a deeper reality.

What’s more, you’ve probably found that this sublime expression of human life is closer at hand than you ever imagined.

The work we’ve done may even have provided direct experiences of it—and of the freedom, clarity, inner strength and wisdom that are possible when we align ourselves with this sacred, potent force.

By putting these spiritual principles into practice in your own life, you’ve no doubt discovered how much your world can change when you align yourself with the impulse of evolution.

Relating to life free of the conditioned patterns of the ego can change everything. When we do it, it brings depth and authenticity to our relationships, meaning to our work, and a sense of far greater purpose to our life.

This new way of responding to life is what emerges when we recognize and move beyond the core egoic obstacles to our highest human flourishing. When we’re no longer encumbered by the false self, we’re simply available to meet whatever comes our way with enlightened wisdom, care and wholehearted humanity.

And when we relate to life in this way, not only does everything work better for us, but we contribute to the creation of a more enlightened world for everyone.

As an evolutionary, you want to live that bigger, more authentic life because you know that we’re facing a critical moment in the unfolding of the human story. You feel called to evolve and grow in unprecedented ways—so you can serve and contribute to the greatest collective awakening in our human history.

This potential has been calling you forward on your path for a long time, and it’s very likely why an evolutionary spiritual approach has resonated for you.

Yet, if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably also noticed how challenging it can be to consistently live this awakening every moment of your life.

Although you’ve begun to experience your own potential to live an enlightened life, you’ve probably also found that you’re not acting on that potential consistently. It hasn’t yet become your natural way of being.

For example:

  • You may have glimpsed an uplifting and exciting potential for evolutionary relationships, but still don’t feel like you can be your highest self in many of your existing ones.
  • You may have discovered an ability to remain calm and centered in the face of strong feelings and emotions—yet sometimes, they still overwhelm you to the point of reaction or inaction.
  • You may have tasted the compelling power of the “four spheres of enlightened motivation,” yet still at times find yourself being moved by small, selfish, petty concerns rather than a deep “inner compass.”
  • Your meditation practice may have shown you how to step out of the habitual patterns of the conditioned mind, but you still sometimes find yourself distracted by thoughts, or believing in negative self-talk that you know you shouldn’t listen to.
  • Perhaps you’ve recognized the falsehood in many of your fear responses or beliefs in limitation—yet still sometimes find yourself “playing small” or holding back from taking healthy risks.
  • And even if you do pretty well acting from enlightened perspectives under positive circumstances, you still revert back to old patterns under pressure.

In short, even though you’ve seen more clearly than ever before how the ego obstructs and detours the highest good in your life—and the world—you still sometimes find it driving your behavior.

Even though you’ve seen and felt what it’s like to be coming from the point of view of your evolutionary self, you can’t seem to get there reliably—or stay there.

Sometimes the presence of this evolutionary perspective seems random, even mysterious; too often it seems like a matter of grace, not something you can consciously choose.

And given what you’ve now touched into, these lapses or fluctuations can be frustrating—and confusing.


From awakening to embodiment – the challenge of integration

If you can relate to any of the above experiences, you’re not alone.

Even after having a real and profound experience of the evolutionary self, and the power of this new way of relating to life, many people find themselves unable to steadfastly live from it—everywhere, every day.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. It just means you haven’t yet taken this new roadmap all the way through the developmental journey that completes a total transformation.

awakening to embodimentThis gap between what you’ve experienced and how you’re living actually makes sense. And although it can be frustrating, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. This experience is universal on the path, especially after a new awakening.

It’s one thing to have spiritual ideals, awakenings and experiences—and it’s another to actually transform to the point that we’re a constant living expression of those higher possibilities.

It’s incredibly liberating and uplifting for most of us to learn that this evolutionary relationship to life is well within reach, and not something that takes a lifetime (or many lifetimes!) to cultivate. But it does take a certain amount of time—and a special kind of work—to firmly ground these perspectives in the core of our being.

And until we take that time and do that work, we do tend to stumble in and out of these new perspectives.

The reason it’s such a complex endeavor is that in evolving beyond ego, we’re not only breaking lifelong personal habits, but the deeply entrenched habits of our ancient evolutionary past.

As you’ve learned in the nine-week course, behind our ego structures and strategies lies the momentum not only of our own tendencies, but of human nature itself.

This “programming” developed over vast tracts of time, and is still strongly embedded in current culture and our individual development. That means our efforts to evolve are up against not only decades of personal “programming,” but millennia of conditioning.

Of course, it’s great news that there is a way beyond that powerful gravity—and seeing that is a pivotal awakening. But seeing new perspectives doesn’t give us instant and total mastery over our embodiment of them.

To bring about true consistency in living our awakening, we have to leap all the way free of the ego’s grip and momentum. And that requires us to penetrate thoroughly and absolutely to the inmost roots of this ancient, outdated “hard-wired” nature in order to transcend it.

We have to fundamentally “rewire” our response to life.

And this “rewiring” of our innate, outmoded and primitive conditioning—ingrained by our ancient as well as recent past—is a complete, specific process.


Not just a practice, but a step-by-step process

The Integral Enlightenment nine-week course you took is the blueprint for this process. It demonstrates that this dramatic, permanent shift is available and within reach. And it introduces the key steps, shifts and perspectives that make up the building blocks of this new relationship to life.

The blueprint is crucial because without it, we don’t even know where we’re going, or where to begin. But to really get where we’re going, we need to bring that blueprint into a deeper process that goes beyond mere insight, practice or experience.

Traveling this intentionally designed and guided process, with discipline and effort over sufficient time, is what takes us to the “tipping point.”

step by stepWhile our ongoing growth never ends, the tipping point is that moment where change becomes so embedded in the core of our being that the entire game is on a newly upleveled playing field…forever.

That kind of true, fundamental evolution—breaking up thousands of years of habit, and really changing our relationship to everything—also requires development and integration throughout every area of our lives.

That means we need to build enlightened and evolved structures that cultivate our expression of the evolutionary self in our workplaces, our relationships, our activism, and wherever we’re called to apply our deepest values.

That’s challenging enough, but even harder to do alone. In most of our daily environments and contexts, our culture doesn’t necessarily share our commitment to breaking this bondage.

Most of us currently live in a collective social matrix of people who are unwittingly caught up in and perpetuating the same limiting, archaic human condition we’re working to transcend.

That’s why this process is further strengthened by the deliberately conceived container of a purposeful community—whose sole aim is to support and catalyze this whole transformation.


The training that takes you all the way

What kind of training completes this process so you can manifest such a transformation? How do we find our way through all the doorways we need to go through—with such momentum and resolve that there’s no going back?

How do we finally evolve beyond ego?

We’ve found that a critical combination of key elements is crucial to the success of this transformational process. People who immerse themselves in a deep, structured exploration featuring all of those elements are the people who consistently reach that “tipping point.” Their full expression of an evolutionary relationship to life becomes solid and sustainable.

takes you all the wayMeeting this challenge involves specific pillars of support: a precise and accurate map, a trustworthy guide with a deep and broad knowledge of the territory, and consistent practice within a supportive community of fellow practitioners.

It also requires a clearly-defined process that takes you from “A” to “Z”—moving you through critical core shifts in how you relate to every aspect of life. These key shifts advance you to the “point of no return” as an evolutionary.

A few people can enact these shifts on their own, but for most of us, the process is dramatically accelerated by structure, guidance and immersion over a period of time.

And most evolutionaries, on fire with the passion to grow themselves and to uplift the world, want to take the shortest and straightest route possible.


A program that gets results

We created this comprehensive and intensive program to offer you a direct path into depth and mastery.

The Evolutionary Life Transformation Program expertly leads you through the work of disentangling yourself from the ego’s web as quickly and cleanly as possible—with a unique combination of transformational processes and supportive structures for your evolution.

The world’s leading transformational design team joined forces with one of the world’s most sought-after evolutionary teachers to precisely architect these elements into a one-of-a-kind nine-month journey.

gets resultsIf the nine-week course is a clear blueprint for the evolutionary path, then the nine-month program is actually the process of walking that path — with a detailed map and expert guide, taking each road all the way into the heart of each perspective and practice.

As it unfolds and propels you forward, this penetrating process leaves no stone unturned. When you emerge, your orientation toward life is permanently and profoundly altered.

You’ll have fully unleashed and personified the sacred, divine creative dimension of your being, the essence of who you most deeply are—so that it can inform, guide and inspire every moment of your life.

This kind of total transformation used to take many decades, and usually involved a pilgrimage or retreat from life. But with this unique, holistic and immersive training, you can radically reconfigure your relationship to life in under a year.

In just nine months, this journey will take you through a process that it might take decades to work your way through on your own.

Working closely with Craig and a dedicated community of individuals who are committed to these possibilities as you are, in an impeccably designed container, this is your chance to take the time in depth to plumb the very soul of each of these shifts—and fully actualize your greatest evolutionary potential.


What You’ll Learn

A Life Beyond Ego

Embracing The Call To Evolve

  • a-life-beyond-egoFrom Awakening to Embodiment
    How to turn your most profound experiences and insights into a living foundation for your entire life
  • Living on Your Evolving Edge
    Hone the evolutionary sensitivity of your inner compass to tell you when you’re on your evolving edge, when you’ve moved away from it—and how to get back on it
  • Further Adventures in Evolutionary Spiritual Practice
    How to use “engaged inquiry practices” at key moments to turn your daily life into an evolutionary spiritual experience
  • Embodying the Will to Evolve
    How to anchor your day-and your life-in the Four Spheres of Enlightened Motivation
  • Transforming Challenge into Opportunity
    How to transform even the most challenging circumstance or situation into an opportunity to evolve
  • A Deeper Source of Confidence
    Discover the authentic spiritual confidence that comes from consistently living a life of integrity and alignment with a greater purpose

Practicing The Evolutionary Life

  • practicingtheevolutionarylifeStaying the Course
    How to stay aligned with your spiritual vision (and keep your spiritual practice on track) even in chaotic life conditions
  • The Real Meaning of “Inner Strength”
    How to develop the “inner muscles” to enable you to do the right thing regardless of how you feel
  • Awakening the Eye of Wisdom
    How to discern authentic intuition from conditioned feeling responses and superstitions
  • The Liberating Power of “Spiritual Integrity”
    Why making effort to live in alignment with what you already know is more important than gaining new knowledge, insights and experiences.
  • Stepping Beyond Ambivalence
    Even when we know what we need to do to evolve, many of us have a hard time taking action because we haven’t yet discovered an unwavering intention to “show up” for life. Learn how to reckon with your core ambivalence and step into the freedom and power of your unconditional “yes.”
  • Embracing the Power of Choice
    How to stop being a victim of life by embracing a radical stance of responsibility and empowerment through the cultivation of your own freedom to choose

The Psychology Of Liberation

  • psychology-of-liberationNavigating the Stormy Seas of Feeling
    How to cultivate an enlightened relationship to your emotions so you can respond with wisdom, clarity and kindness even in the midst of challenging situations
  • Living with Your Ego (even as you transcend it)
    Essential tools to help you navigate the complex terrain of the shape-shifting small self without getting lost in the tangled web of your personal story
  • Freedom from the Past
    Core practices to help you understand and liberate yourself from the habitual patterns of the past so that you can be fully available to meet the possibilities of the present-and the future
  • The Power of “No”
    How to free yourself from the cycle of karma by learning how to say a gentle but firm “no” to the impulses of the conditioned ego
  • Freedom from the Voice of Limitation:
    How to bring self-hatred and self-sabotage to an end by confronting your own limitations within a generative and evolutionary perspective

Unleashing The Evolutionary Self

  • Awakening the Power of Evolutionary Discernment
    How to discern the difference between the Evolutionary Impulse and the drives of the ego
  • A Self that Knows No Limits
    How to consistently navigate life free from the distortions of your self-image by aligning with your “Evolutionary Self”
  • Inner and Outer Freedom
    Why living in “evolutionary integrity” is the fastest way to deepen your meditation practice and empower your life
  • Aligning with the Call of Evolution
    How to respond with consistency in the face of inner turmoil by staying aligned with your deepest knowing
  • Awakening the Evolutionary Heart
    How to keep your heart open to Life even in painful circumstances by opening to the uncontainable mystery of Divine Love

Cultivating Evolutionary

  • The Practice of Ecstatic Intimacy
    Simple practices to help you elevate your spiritual friendships to new heights of intimacy and evolutionary engagement
  • A Healthy Relationship to Conflict
    How to tell the difference between healthy relational tension and unhealthy relational conflict-and how to navigate your way through the inevitable challenges all relationships face
  • From Breakdown to Breakthrough
    How to transform relational breakdowns into opportunities for evolutionary deepening for both parties
  • Learning to Love Without Limits
    Discover the liberating power of impersonal love to transform your intimate relationships and learn why “unconditional love” often stifles evolution

Embracing The Power of “We”

The Exponential Power of Collective Spiritual Practice

  • embracing-the-power-of-weMeeting Beyond Boundaries
    Discover the liberating joy of connecting with others from a place beyond self-image and personal agenda
  • Catalyzing Collective Wisdom
    How to develop collaborative ways of knowing and being to harness the power of collective intelligence for high creativity and problem-solving
  • Becoming an Empowered Co-creator of the Future
    Master evolutionary ways of relating which are critical to creating the future with others—whether they are embracing an evolutionary context or not

Living For A Higher Purpose

An Evolutionary Relationship To Life

  • living-for-a-higher-purposeClarifying your Higher Calling
    How to partner with the energy and intelligence of Life to discover what your own deepest gifts are and find the confidence to bring them forward
  • The Risk to Say “Yes”
    How to empower yourself by taking the evolutionary risks that will enable you to realize the highest possibilities for your life and contribution
  • Tapping into the Boundless Energy of Evolution
    How to release the unlimited vitality of your Evolutionary Self and become a passionate vehicle for the Evolutionary
    Impulse in this world
  • Becoming an Agent of Evolution: The Courage of Evolutionary Leadership
    How to find an evolutionary response to any situation and always bring out the best in those around you


How It Works

Imagine yourself joining together with dozens of other evolutionaries in a nine-month-long journey into the heart of Integral Enlightenment. Imagine deepening your practice month after month, peeling back the layers of the false self to allow the radiance within to shine forth ever more brightly.

how it worksImagine having regular, ongoing opportunities to receive direct coaching and guidance on every aspect of your path. And imagine participating in a rich, supportive field of shared engagement with your fellow practitioners in the work.

Over this nine-month period, we’ll gather together online and by conference call to discover what it means to fully awaken to an evolutionary relationship to life.

At the heart of the program is a bi-weekly recorded course session offering a core teaching by Craig, alternating with a bi-weekly live Q&A session with Craig (all on Tuesday evenings). Other days will offer experiential exercises and group engagement opportunities, with days and times to be announced.

In addition to course and Q&A sessions, you’ll engage in a vibrant online community with your fellow evolutionaries through inquiry groups like those you’re already familiar with.

These will include Evolutionary Discussion Forums (like the written Online Discussion Groups you participated in during the nine-week course), and Evolutionary Practice Circles (group that meet by phone once per week to engage and discuss the material currently being explored).

You’ll also have the chance to form Evolutionary Practice Partnerships with one or two other students for support and intensive, dynamic exploration of coursework and evolutionary relationship. You’ll meet on a schedule of your choosing.

Drop-in style, student-hosted weekly Interactive Workshops provide an option for diving into current content with a different group each week. Daily online meditations (five days a week) offer you the chance to meditate individually or with others, to build and deepen a foundation of practice.

And later in the course, you’ll also have an opportunity to self-organize into Action Learning Groups related to particular areas of interest you want to explore.

Finally, in order to broaden the inquiry, you’ll receive a series of Guest Faculty Workshops—specially selected recordings of our popular Evolutionary Wisdom Circles. These private “virtual workshops” were created exclusively for participants in the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program, and feature some of today’s leading integral and evolutionary spiritual teachers. You’ll be offered one per month beginning in the second month of the program, to listen to at your convenience.


Your Comrades on the Path


Meditation Retreat

Who are your fellow evolutionaries in this endeavor? They’re people you can count on as partners and mentors on the path. You’ll be buoyed by the sincere commitment of kindred spirits who share your passion to evolve not only a better self, but a better world and enlightened future.

Every ELTP cohort has proven to be–and to even more deeply become– a collective of people who care about where we’re going; a group of people willing to offer themselves as “experimental subjects” in the great laboratory of evolution.

You’ll find fellow pioneers who are eager to serve the call of the future and of the possible. They’re willing to give themselves over to the greatest purpose imaginable—that of evolving human consciousness and culture.

ELTP graduates are also typically natural leaders in a new paradigm of leadership: not a top-down, out-front dominating style of classical leadership, but a uniquely generous, collaborative, creative leadership that’s less about “knowing” and more about being willing to step up and address the needs of the moment with presence and open interest.

The energy and support of 200+ evolutionaries will embolden you to take risks, inspire you stretch into your outermost edges, and support you in the impulse to evolve.


Feedback from Course Graduates

MarcWithout any trace of hesitation I can tell you that in all of my years of study, no other course has had such a powerful impact on my spiritual growth. I am actually developing. I am actually changing. And that’s the whole point. Spirituality in action.
– Dr. Marc W. Ross

WendyThis course gave me a whole new way to relate to life—a way free of the tangle of old wounds, a way that illuminates the amazing potential contained within and between us. I am profoundly changed for the better (just ask my friends and family!).
– Wendy Van Horn

Jeff-SullivanThe ELTP helped turn the openings and insights I had in the nine-week course into genuine breakthroughs. As a result of this course and continued applications of the practices and principles it taught me, I’m living a brand new life. My meditation practice has moved to a whole new level. I’ve ditched my psychotherapist (she pronounced me healed); I’ve moved past the fear, anxiety, and the negative mindset that kept me from activating my true potential. My life is truly unrecognizable from the one I lived three years ago. Many programs promise the world, but few deliver half that. For those who do the work, ELTP delivers the world and more.
– Jeff Sullivan, Manchester, New Hampshire

ManonThrough ELTP, I discovered a natural leadership ability rooted in trust, care and compassion instead of being rooted in fear and external outcome.
– Manon Desjardins, Germany

Susan-BensonBeing in ELTP with Craig has changed my life. It has given me a way to work on myself while teaching me that it’s really not about me at all, but about how to be in this life with integrity, truth, love and care. I have tried so many healing methods and spiritual paths in my life, and none has helped me as much as this course. These teachings have put me on a whole new spiritual path, one that is lifelong, compassionate, loving and down-to-earth at the same time. It’s helping me be the best person I can be, while helping me find a way to further the cause of conscious evolution in the world.
– Susan I. Bensen

judyELTP was the first course I have ever taken that radically altered my way of seeing culture, and for the first time I experienced the real possibility of changing longstanding ego patterns. I realized that I had been an evolutionary all along, and I had finally found my spiritual home.
– Judy Voruz, Ashland, Oregon

Bill-BakerMy job has always been a job, not a vocation. I wanted to do something that had a positive effect on others, rather than just on my back account, but did not know what that could be. Using the self-discovery tools that Craig has taught, and with the help of evolutionary partners, I found the motivation to take action. I became an activist for RESULTS, an international organization that works through political action to ameliorate and eliminate poverty. I will soon retire from my job and devote more time to work that makes a difference and supports the Whole. This is, I feel, what I came here to do.
– Bill Baker

clareI’ve developed a level of trust that is so liberating, dependable and full of wisdom—not a naive trust. With this awareness of the inherent goodness at the heart of life, I can allow what is emerging in front of me to unfold.
– Clare Conway, Galway, Ireland

lindaThe word transformational is bandied about a great deal, and yet this is the one program I have experienced that is truly that.
– Linda Lubin, Ridgefield, Connecticut


Other Course Elements


Coming Together:

Our End-of-Course Retreat

The Evolutionary Life Transformation Program attracts a community that naturally wants to deepen its experience of the evolutionary impulse by coming together for a live event. After the 2013-2014 ELTP, there will be an opportunity to attend a Summer Retreat either in person or virtually.

This year’s event will be our longest retreat ever—an 11-day gathering beginning with a private three-day graduate retreat exclusive to you, a seven-day meditation retreat also open to the public, and finishing with a final day again devoted only to graduates. This retreat will begin on August 7, 2014 and end on August 17, 2014 – and will be held at Mount Madonna Center in Santa Cruz County, CA.

Craig HamiltonLed by Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton, this extended event will be a powerful opportunity to meet your comrades on the path, and to immerse yourself in the liberating practices and teachings of Integral Enlightenment.

Advanced students of the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program have found these retreats to be exceedingly valuable to their evolutionary expansion and advancement.

Through teaching sessions with Craig, guided meditations, and small group discussions, we’ll co-create a powerful collective field of evolutionary consciousness. Within this sacred and elevated space, we’ll explore together the emerging edges of the evolutionary impulse as it begins to guide our individual and collective experience.

This dynamic encounter at the edge will be a chance not only to deepen the core teachings and practices we’ve been exploring throughout the year, but to forge ahead onto new ground together. You’ll experience the thrill of participating in the collective evolution of culture and consciousness itself.

Virtual Retreats are included in your overall program tuition. However, if you wish to come together face-to-face with Craig and your fellow course participants, you’ll have the opportunity to attend live for a retreat fee, plus food, lodging and travel expenses.

Interactive Practice Options

Support for Living an Evolutionary Life

Collective spiritual inquiry is one of the most rewarding and transformative dimensions of the evolutionary spiritual path. If you’re longing for a deeper experience of engagement with others, or looking for a supportive container within which to stretch and push your own evolutionary edges, we strongly encourage you to consider participating in one or more of these powerful program elements.

While they’re optional, each of these course components offers a unique opportunity for small-group learning and exploration in an evolutionary context. Students in past programs have told us these dynamic connections were a foundational part of the course experience, creating profound relationships and unprecedented results in their lives.

Group participants also can attend a monthly Small Group Process Meeting with Craig, for his guidance and support in navigating and maximizing these potent co-learning opportunities.

I cannot imagine my life without the kind of support and catalyst for growth this community provides—by being accountable to each other for our development, and being willing to give and receive honest feedback, in addition to the powerful field we tap into when we meditate together. The quality of interaction we have is the deepest and most inspiring of any in my life.
– Dee Black, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Evolutionary Practice Circles

The foundation of the Evolutionary Practice Circle experience is a weekly 90-minute phone meeting with a small, committed group of six to eight fellow course participants with whom you’ll share the nine-month journey.


Each week, you’ll meet with your Practice Circle by phone to discuss and engage the principles and exercises of the course. Craig will provide weekly “meeting guides” to structure the group inquiry. The focus is on depth and the cultivation of a profound collective presence.

Practice Circles also each have their own private small group space within the online community site, where they can optionally connect throughout the week to continue the exploration from their live calls.

In previous courses, Practice Circle participants consistently reported that this intimate, committed small-group engagement was one of the most catalytic components of their course experience. We strongly encourage all course participants to seriously consider joining a Practice Circle.

My experience in a Practice Circle was vital to my growth and progress. In particular, the powerful feedback that I received in my Practice Circle really helped me to see past blind spots, have the courage to face what needs to change, and respond in new ways. I still engage regularly in partnerships that are vital to my ongoing growth.
– Rhonda St. Croix, Ottawa Ontario

Small-Group Discussion Forums

small-group-forumIn the vibrant online community that forms during the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program, written discussion forums offer a lively alternative for exploring the coursework in community, especially for those who enjoy writing about their experiences.

In addition to the main forums, where threads that explore each week’s and month’s teachings are open to everyone, students have the option of joining dedicated small groups of eight to 12 participants. These groups commit to engage together for the duration of the course, which builds trust and creates continuity.

These smaller discussion groups provide a private, nurturing container that allows space for honesty, vulnerability and authenticity, as well as dedicated focus that moves everyone to greater depths and powerful breakthroughs. As with other interactive course elements, solid evolutionary partnerships often emerge from this online environment.

I made a conscious decision during the ELTP program to really connect and engage deeply. I knew I needed a consistent practice in order to embody and apply the principles of Integral Enlightenment in my daily life. I was attracted to the online written discussion group structure because it was set up to offer safety, support and guidance within an intimate setting under very clear guidelines. It has been a beautiful gift to witness each other’s growth and awakening(s). We really did become a healthy family, and the forum became our home where the door was always open for members to enter and engage in deep contemplation and exploration. The collective field created by our intention to awaken became very palpable. At times, I would enter the space just to feel the love, deep care and compassion that was cultivated during the time that we had been together. I developed evolutionary friendships that will last a lifetime.
– Carolyn Reitz, Chandler, AZ

Weekly Interactive Sessions

weekly-interactive-sessionsFor those who are unable to accommodate weekly engagement with a committed group, or who seek an additional practice setting, Weekly Interactive Sessions offer a unique drop-in style format. These allow you to participate with diverse groups of fellow coursemates — as often as you like and as your schedule permits.

These hosted workshop sessions provide a safe, structured container for deepening the current inquiry of the coursework, with new explorations and experiments each week. Group practices foster a vital experience of collective learning, and create a forum for sharing experiences and getting to know other students.

Led by pairs of Evolutionary Life Transformation Program graduates, who in turn receive guidance from Craig, these workshops also provide excellent leadership opportunities for advanced students. Everyone’s growth is supported and tended in this co-creative environment.

It was thrilling to see us affecting and urging each other on like a team pulling toward a tangible goal.
– River Judd

Evolutionary Practice Partnerships

EPPAnother potent dimension of the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program is the opportunity to form Evolutionary Practice Partnerships with one or two other students. You’ll meet on a regular schedule of your own design to lean into your growth edges, support one another, and practice giving and receiving helpful mirroring.

These partnerships are built upon the Principles of Evolutionary Culture and Principles of Evolutionary Relationship. They allow a chance to practice, explore and deepen our understanding of these principles. They also offer powerful support in an evolutionary context, which can be difficult to find in mainstream culture. And they provide a chance to inquire into the depths of coursework in a focused, intimate one-on-one context.

Evolutionary Practice Partnerships build a new paradigm of friendship and of support, and our students treasure the rare and robust relationships formed during this course dimension.

My relationships with “evolutionary partners” in this course became closer, deeper, more intimate and trustworthy than most of the relationships I’ve ever had.
– Yaakov Bader

Action Learning Groups

LEEP RetreatAs we move into the summer semester, you’ll be invited to choose a specific area of life in which you want to apply the principles of the course. If you’re interested in engaging this specific, “real-world” area of application within a context of group inquiry and support, you’ll have an opportunity to create Action Learning Groups with others who are focusing on the same area.

These groups will meet throughout the semester either by phone or online, depending on the preference of group members.

Action Learning Group topics might include (but are not limited to):

  • Evolutionary Relationships
  • Evolutionary Leadership
  • Evolutionary Arts
  • Evolutionary Entrepreneurship/Business
  • Evolutionary Activism
  • An Evolutionary Relationship to Health and Well-being
  • Evolutionary Parenting/Families

I joined an ALG with the intention of applying evolutionary principles to an area of particular challenge for me—healthy lifestyle, and self-care that’s aligned with my values. What I learned took me far beyond my initial understanding, as our group traveled deeply into truth, wholeness, spiritual integrity, love, and the power of “care for the whole” to motivate us. The collective wisdom that arose from our small-group interactions continues to be the lens through which I view my daily choices about health, and has spurred me to begin walking and swimming along with a new consciousness about food choices. I’m grateful for the opportunity to turn learning into action “where the rubber meets the road.”
– Susan Friese, Alexandria, VA


Guest Faculty—Evolutionary Wisdom Circles

Evolutionary theory tells us that the greatest evolutionary opportunities lie in border zones where two distinct ecosystems push up against each other. It follows that a big part of being an evolutionary is being willing to interact and engage with diverse perspectives in an effort to open and expand one’s own ways of seeing.

So, although the Evolutionary Life Transformation Program is primarily a deep dive into the principles and practices of Integral Enlightenment, we have included a series of extraordinary opportunities to hear from other luminaries at the leading edge of evolutionary spiritual inquiry.

You’ll receive access to nine powerful guest faculty workshops, one per month starting with second month of program, to enhance and augment the teachings and offer expanded wisdom and wider perspectives. These are the most popular and relevant from our library of Evolutionary Wisdom Circle workshops that were offered live during past programs.

Evolutionary Wisdom Circle guest teachers include:

x_ken_wilberKEN WILBER
Potentials and Pitfalls on the Spiritual Path
Ken Wilber is one of the most widely read and influential philosophers of our time, credited with creating a genuine world philosophy. Ken has a deep expertise of most of the world’s mystic traditions, and has explored academically and experientially the many states of consciousness that different spiritual practices produce. He is the author of 25 books, the founder of Integral Institute, Inc., the co-founder of Integral Life, Inc., and the Senior Fellow of Integral Life. While many of us have a good understanding of what a spiritual life is, moving from an idea to a lived reality is a jump that many of us struggle to make. In this virtual workshop, you will hear Ken’s thoughts on why merely understanding Integral and spiritual ideas isn’t enough to cause transformation, how meditation and spiritual insight, viewed incorrectly, can slow or halt personal evolution, and values and worldviews that influence our spiritual insight.

Breaking the Spell of Solidity
Evolutionary author and teacher Carter Phipps provides a catalytic springboard for understanding our selves through an expansive view of the evolutionary process. In this intriguing and eye-opening audio workshop, Carter leads an exploratory journey into our potential for change beyond anything we normally imagine is possible. Carter is the author of Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea, published by Harper Perennial in June 2012. The book has received widespread critical acclaim, and has been heralded as providing “a new orientation for the next millennium.”

Defining Cultural Innovation: The Evolution Of “The Good, The True And The Beautiful”
In this workshop, you’ll learn how to engage a practice to advance truth, beauty, and goodness in our lives and in culture–in a way that provides “spiritual nutrition” and keeps the evolutionary impulse moving out toward the leading edge. Steve McIntosh is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author of two books including the just-released Evolution’s Purpose—An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins. In Evolution’s Purpose, Steve explores the tremendous cultural power of the evolutionary story of our origins. He demonstrates that the process of evolution, rather than being an essentially random or accidental process with no larger meaning, is unmistakably progressive. And we can see how evolution’s purpose is being creatively discerned through our choices–allowing us to participate actively in human cultural evolution.

vernice_solimarVERNICE SOLIMAR
Evolutionary Leadership for the 21st Century
In this workshop, we’ll explore a unique approach to leadership that generates the capacity to simultaneously see and solve problems, shift organizational systems and source all action from deep wisdom called the “Wisdom Profile/Stand” — a spiritual practice in which we commit to being and standing for integrity in the world, in a measurable, visible way. Vernice Solimar, PhD, is director of the Leadership for Sustainable Change certificate, Chair of the Integral Psychology M.A. program and core faculty in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at John F. Kennedy University. Her main interest is in Transformative Education in service of personal, social and global transformation.

otto_scharmerOTTO SCHARMER
Actualizing the Emerging Future
How do we connect to the field of all possibility and tap into the emerging future? For the past 17 years, Dr. Scharmer has been developing and experimenting with groundbreaking approaches to systems and leadership. His process is a natural fit with an evolutionary relationship to life, as we explore the outer edges of our potential to evolve into a new kind of human being. During this audio workshop, Dr. Scharmer takes us on an extraordinary journaling adventure–“A 15-Step Journey of Stepping Into The Field of the Future”–that participants report is unlike any such exercise they’ve experienced. The process uses unusual and provocative questions designed to draw out the future that is waiting to be born: your future, and our collective future.

x_david_gershonDAVID GERSHON
Cultivating Evolutionary Culture:
The Art and Practice of Transformative Leadership
David Gershon is the founder and CEO of Empowerment Institute, and is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on behavior change and large system transformation. He is the author of ten books, most recently Social Change 2.0: A Blueprint for Reinventing Our World, described as a comprehensive roadmap for  bringing about sustainable societal transformation.

In this 90-minute experiential workshop, we’ll start with a simple premise and foundational piece of transformative leadership — that the natural starting point for changing our world for the better must start with us. When empowered by personal vision and responsibility, we can shift our focus from the study of problems to the study of possibilities — and learn to “water the seeds instead of the weeds.” As the workshop unfolds, you’ll discover insights and strategies that can actually move you closer to a life that reflects your true purpose and evolutionary calling.

Evolutionary Groups—A New Paradigm of “We”
Olen Gunnlaugson, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor in leadership and organizational development within the Department of Management at Université Laval, in Quebec City where, among other projects, he’s developing with colleagues a MBA program in Complexity, Consciousness and Leadership.  Olen¹s research interests focus on “presencing” and collective approaches to leadership and communication, as well as integral, contemplative and transpersonal processes of inquiry. In this practical workshop, Olen emphasizes the importance of capacity building for the emergence of WE space in groups. He discusses the value of collective intelligence, defines in detail the meaning and role of a group “container,” and explains the importance of cultivating both witnessing awareness and receptivity.

x_barbara_marx_hubbardBARBARA MARX HUBBARD
Vocation as a Path to Transformation
Barbara Marx Hubbard is a pioneering voice in the world of conscious evolution. In this inspiring EWC, she declares the key to any self-actualized person is vocation. The evolutionary impulse wants to express itself not only as consciousness but through some form of calling or life’s purpose. With vivid clarity, she describes the emergence of the co-creative universal human. She concludes the presentation portion by guiding participants through the Evolutionary Chakra Meditation she developed.

x_claire_zammitCLAIRE ZAMMIT
Evolving Beyond Old Patterns—Identity and our Interpretive Lenses
Claire Zammit, PhD(c) is the co-creator of the Feminine Power courses for women and co-leads a thriving community of thousands of women throughout the world. Claire is a highly trained specialist in transformative education with a unique gift for designing and delivering dynamic, leading-edge programs that give participants access to life-altering worldview shifts that lead to embodied and lasting change. Claire is the co-author of the forthcoming book Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life. This practical workshop focuses on the process of transforming identity. Claire explains the critical importance of learning to consciously identify how we’re making meaning and responding to life—making visible our interpretive lenses—so that we can evolve it.


What You’ll Receive

Bi-weekly course sessions with Craig

In these bi-weekly recorded teaching sessions with Craig, you’ll deeply explore and expand your understanding of the principles and practices of Integral Enlightenment. Particular focus will be placed on integrating and embodying these teachings in every aspect of our lives.

Teaching sessions take place every other week on Tuesday evenings at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time and range between 90 to 120 minutes long. Participate live by phone or online—or download the recordings afterward to listen at your convenience.

You’ll have unlimited access to all of the course sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your computer, iPod or other audio player).

Bi-weekly two-hour live Q&A sessions with Craig

QAAlternating with the bi-weekly course sessions, every other Tuesday evening will feature a live Q&A session with Craig. In addition to the Tuesday night Q&A sessions, there will be an additional Saturday morning Q&A twice per month, to provide an opportunity for live attendance by participants in many non-U.S. time zones. This provides a total of four live Q&A session with Craig every month.

You’ll have unlimited access to all of the Q&A sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your computer, iPod or other audio player).

Practice & Reflection Exercises

liveImmediately after each Course Session, you’ll be given Practice and Reflection exercises to engage as homework, as well as inquiry questions to explore in your online discussion forums. These are designed to further your in-depth engagement and experiential practice with the material from that course session.

These practices and questions are designed to further your engagement and in-depth inquiry into the material from that course session.

A nine-month membership in our Evolutionary Practice Community

guided-meditationYou’ll have access to daily online guided group meditations and meditation instructions, to support you in building a strong practice foundation for living an evolutionary life. Each day, we’ll explore a different approach to meditation to deepen our understanding and experience of what it means to abide as the Ground of Being.

Recorded guided meditations are offered daily five days a week, with suggested meditation times to encourage a global group “field” of meditation for those who can participate on a schedule. Several suggested times are posted to accommodate multiple timezones. Of course, daily meditations are also available to download for practice at any time during the day.

Access to our custom-designed exclusive online community forum

Engage online with other course participants in this supportive learning community. As you go through the course, you’ll be able to join with new friends online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support one another in opening up to your highest evolutionary potential. Through this collective engagement, you’ll experience the exciting connection that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

PDF transcripts of each course session

PDF transcripts are a great resource—you can go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answers to frequently asked questions as you learn, practice, and step into living an evolutionary life.

Program Calendar

Fall Session: November 19-December 17, 2013

Winter Session: January 7-April 15, 2014

Spring/Summer Session: April 29-August 2014

Summer Retreat*: August 7-17, 2014

*Evolutionary Life Transformation Program students may attend retreats virtually (by downloading the audios) at no additional charge. For those attending retreats in person, there will be a retreat fee plus lodging, food and travel expenses. Retreat invitations will be emailed to students after the program begins.


More Feedback from Course Graduates

This course totally reframed the way I look at life and show up. I used to dread problems and challenges and treat them as detours and barriers to real life and real spiritual work. I now live my life as an ongoing practice, like an unstoppable force—centered and free—meeting every challenge as a way to be of service. I feel like an evolutionary. I actually wake up most mornings asking how I can meet life to serve the greatest good.
– Rhonda St. Croix, Ottawa Ontario

Since participating in Craig’s nine-month Evolutionary Life Transformation Program, I have found a deeper connection within my relationships with other people and to life in general, and an understanding of how my negative beliefs and ego have adversely affected my life. I have found the courage to step up and try things I wouldn’t have done before. I have a much clearer idea of my purpose in life. Also, since doing the course, my health and stamina have improved!
– Liz Allmark, Penzance, Cornwall, UK

Taking this course is a challenge I will never regret. Craig helped me open doors that had me halted in my spiritual growth, and he did this with sincerity and integrity.
– Patricia Cody

Craig is the most conscious and skillful teacher I have experienced, and focuses on the heart of what matters: moving out of ego and into spirit. While he imparts theory with inordinate clarity and sensitivity, he constantly brings us back to living it, in every moment, in our lives.
– Karen Van Eden, Auckland, New Zealand

Since participating in Craig’s nine-month Evolutionary Life Transformation Program, I have experienced a newfound freedom to live in the way I (at my deepest level of knowing) always knew was possible and had longed for. This perspective has given me the drive and clarity about how to commit myself wholeheartedly to a calling I felt as a child and has emerged again in my life’s journey. Now there is no situation that can arise that can hold me captive for long. I keep applying the teachings which have been the source of my own and others’ leap into freedom. I am eternally grateful.
– Diane Charles, Edmonton, AB Canada

For anyone who is seriously intent on becoming a catalyst for transformation, I highly recommend this program. Craig Hamilton is a rare and inspiring teacher who always walks his talk and models wholehearted, whole-minded commitment to living an evolutionary life. The teachings take place within a global community that provides an energetic container for sustainable evolutionary change. Above all, these inspiring teachings are very practical—and in many beautiful and subtle ways, the paradoxes of living a conscious life are resolved and transcended.
– Rose Diamond, Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom


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