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This is a dynamic and thrilling time to be alive—especially for those of us who embrace the idea that consciousness is evolving.

We have access to more wisdom, information and resources than at any prior time in history—and we are witnessing the emergence of new perspectives and cultural worldviews that integrate vast swaths of human knowledge and wisdom in unprecedented ways.

As we chart new territory in our understanding of the human mind and the interconnected systems we are a part of, our insights are producing new forms of spiritual practice and personal transformation.

Through this remarkable convergence of “inner” and “outer” discoveries, we now have the extraordinary opportunity to consciously participate in the evolution of our species for the first time.

Yet it’s also true that being on the cutting edge always brings unique challenges that have never been encountered before.

We face questions like:

  • How do the developmental insights of western psychology fundamentally change our contemporary spiritual practices?
  • What do evolutionary collectives look like, and what do they require of participants?
  • What is evolutionary leadership, and what makes a leader integral?
  • Does an evolving consciousness change the very idea of enlightenment itself?
  • How does the spiritual path need to evolve to meet the evolutionary challenges and opportunities of our time?
  • How can we make sure our own spiritual path and practice is “integral” and informed by both the timeless wisdom of Spirit and an up-to-date understanding of the human condition?
  • What does it mean to live a life of passionate evolutionary engagement that integrates our deep longing for spiritual transformation and our desire to improve the world?
  • How can we come together with other evolutionaries to begin to create microcosms of evolutionary culture?
  • How can we engage our spiritual practice not just as a path to personal growth but as a contribution to the further evolution of humanity, life, and consciousness?
  • What can we do to help accelerate the emergence of integral consciousness on Earth?

And as we’ve discovered, these questions simply can’t be answered by any single tradition or discipline on its own.

Instead, we need new forums for collaborative shared inquiry that can inspire and empower us to create the conditions for something entirely new to emerge.

Great Integral Awakening Dialogue Series

Integral conversations at the leading edge

Hosted live in 2009 by Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton, this series gathered a diverse group of 13 Integral thought leaders to share their insights about the unique challenges of contemporary spiritual life.

Inspired by a central question—How does the spiritual path need to evolve to serve the evolutionary needs of humanity in the 21st century?—the gathering quickly became a pivotal moment in the history of integral evolutionary spirituality.

These in-depth discussions holistically explore this question from many different aspects of spirit, science, philosophy and psychology. With provocative and penetrating insight, these seminal dialogues examine the challenges and opportunities emerging in our moment in history—and reflect a new paradigm of spiritual practice and transformation that can meet our evolutionary aspirations.

Featuring a diverse group of teachers and leaders—including Michael Murphy, Ken Wilber, Sally Kempton, Andrew Cohen, Genpo Roshi, Diane Musho Hamilton, Steve McIntosh, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Don Beck, Terry Patten, Claire Zammit, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz, and Carter Phipps—this series presents an important collection of live conversations with some of the world’s foremost evolutionary pioneers.

Through this unique dialogue series, you’ll explore

  • How to navigate the “marketplace” of spiritual offerings and avoid the “cafeteria approach” to spiritual practice
  • How to overcome the contemporary unease with spiritual “gurus” and make mature, informed decisions about finding and working with an authentic teacher
  • How to completely transform the way you experience and respond to crisis in your own life
  • How to resolve any tension between “living a spiritual life” and “being engaged in the world”
  • What to do when you inevitably encounter doubt and struggle on your spiritual path
  • Which key qualities that have to be present for a transformative experience to occur
  • The superordinary capacities that can develop (but aren’t often talked about!) through dedicated spiritual practice
  • How to effectively integrate and balance masculine and feminine energies
  • The surprising limitation you may be creating by trying to “work on yourself”—and the radical alternative that’s possible
  • How to become a “wizard” of effective large scale systems change
  • The top three attributes to develop if you seek to become an integral, evolutionary leader

You’ll also learn new practices from spiritual teachers Craig Hamilton, Sally Kempton, Diane Hamilton, and Genpo Roshi that you can begin using immediately, including:

  • Meditation techniques to address crisis and loss
  • Meditation for cultivating a deep experience of grace and love
  • Daily exercises for clarifying your deepest intention and motivation
  • Voice dialogue practices that you can use to profoundly deepen your meditation
  • A direct approach for working with your own hidden shadow

Here’s what previous participants have said about the series:

“This is a great series of in-depth conversations with some of the most important integral spiritual teachers of our time. I was captivated by the diverse insights, perspectives and wisdom that were shared. This provided a space for me to reflect on my own spiritual journey, and opened me up to new possibilities.”

“The Great Integral Awakening series has helped me to better understand the rich field of evolutionary spirituality. I was amazed at how Craig was able to bring together such a group of pure spirits who represent such a large spectrum of the field of evolutionary spirituality.”

“This series served as my introduction to evolutionary spirituality and changed the course of my life. In these interviews, I discovered a profound inquiry and illuminating perspectives that resonated deeply in my being. I felt like I’d entered a conversation I didn’t know I’d been longing for! I gained insights that continue to impact how I live my life today. Since the series was first produced, I’ve periodically revisited the recordings and each time uncover yet another layer of depth. It is a remarkable collection of wisdom for which I am truly grateful.”
Wendy Van Horn

“Five years ago a friend sent me an e-mail with a simple message: “This looks neat,” and it literally changed my life. That e-mail was a link to the registration page for The Great Integral Awakening Series. I was immediately taken aback by the immense patience and care with which Craig Hamilton facilitated these conversations. I remember telling a friend “this guy defines Gentleman.” I was blessed with an exciting exploration through many varying perspectives on the Spiritual journey and where we are in post-modern culture integrating the traditions and cutting some new grooves. I’ve studied with Craig ever since then and count the journey a great blessing.”
Forrest Jones

The influential gathering that launched a movement—An essential part of any evolutionary collection

While it’s now common to hear about online gatherings offering impressive lineups of inspirational speakers, few of these events can claim to have inspired entire new movements of thought and practice.

Part of what makes the Great Integral Awakening dialogue series so unique is that it was the first online gathering in what has traditionally been a one-on-one, face-to-face focused area of spiritual practice.

By opening the door for a global audience of integral evolutionaries to connect online, this series signalled a “tipping point”—and generated an explosion of activity that surprised even it’s host, Craig Hamilton:

The interest generated by this series went far beyond my original expectations. It actually started a movement and was a turning point in my decision to create the Academy for Evolutionaries and begin teaching my Integral Enlightenment online courses—which how have a global community of more than 6,000 graduates

Five years later, this unprecedented summit continues to gain recognition as a pivotal moment in the history of the movement towards a more integral, evolutionary spirituality.

Until now, this collection of dialogues has only been made available to enrolled students in Craig Hamilton’s Integral Enlightenment courses.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the entire collection is being offered publicly for the first time!

All 13 audio discussions and printed transcripts are available for immediate download and as a physical CD collection and 335 page soft-cover book.

Now these dynamic discussions are preserved forever—both in a bound physical book for your reading enjoyment, and in a distinctive boxed CD collection so you can hear the voices of these respected teachers and authors as they share their perspectives.

Experience the original summit of evolutionary conversations with visionary thinkers and ensure that these rich and provocative dialogues are always a part of your personal library!

Read on below for a full program overview and details of what you’ll learn in each session:

Craig Hamilton


Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality. Craig is the founder of the global Integral Enlightenment community and was a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and was a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Awakening to the Call of the Cosmos: How to Align Your Life with the Impulse of Evolution

Many of us first embarked on a spiritual path because we sensed that extraordinary spiritual transformation is possible in our lives. And while we’ve made progress in many areas, and may generally feel happier, more centered and self-aware, few of us have experienced the absolute transformation we truly long for. We know there is somewhere deeper to go—and when we look honestly at ourselves, we can sense that we are still not ultimately free human beings.

In this groundbreaking talk, Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton illuminates the unique predicament we face as spiritual practitioners today, and reveals why some of our most widely accepted ideas about spiritual awakening are—surprisingly—what’s holding us back from true progress on the path.

You’ll learn:

  • Why authentic spiritual transformation is so exceedingly rare in this world.
  • Which three popular “narratives of non-possibility” appear everywhere in spiritual cultures today—and why they block us from experiencing deeper transformation.
  • How to live a life that makes perfect sense—full of possibility, unwavering purpose and finally free from existential doubt.
  • How to reignite your spiritual passion by aligning your life with the evolutionary impulse at the heart of the cosmos.

In this interactive session, Craig shares openly about his own spiritual path and describes the fundamental shift that completely transformed his life and practice. He also offers simple practices you can do immediately to help remove your hidden barriers to enlightenment, and open the door to a life of sacred engagement in the great work of our time—the further evolution of humanity and consciousness itself.

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is the founder and executive director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She has been instrumental in the creation of many future-oriented organizations, including the World Future Society, New Dimensions Radio, Global Family, Women of Vision in Action, the Foundation for the Future, and the Association for Global New Thought. Her books include The Hunger of Eve; The Evolutionary Journey; Conscious Evolution: Awakening the Power of Our Social Potential; Emergence: The Shift from Ego to Essence; Ten Steps to the Universal Human; and The Suprasexual rEvolution: A Radical Path to 2012 and Beyond.

The Path of the Co-Creator: Awakening the Soul of Evolution

When we become conscious of the impulse of evolution within us, we can connect our lives to the most sacred force of the universe itself. This powerful driving force of purpose and higher being infuses our life with unique creativity and more conscious life.

For more than six decades, Barbara Marx Hubbard has been a powerful champion in the field of conscious evolution. In this interview, she explains how we can expand our innate capacity for self-expression and become more awake co-creators of the fate of the universe. In this session you’ll explore:

  • What traits define pioneers of evolutionary spirituality?
  • How does an evolutionary relationship to crisis give us access to new emergent potentials?
  • What does it take to become an evolutionary leader in your own community, and in the world?
  • How do you tap into understanding your purpose for being and use it to create an aligned livelihood?

Terry Patten

Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a leading voice in the emerging fields of integral evolutionary leadership and spirituality. He worked with Ken Wilber as part of a core team at Integral Institute to develop Integral Life Practice, which distills ancient and modern practices into an intelligent contemporary transformational lifestyle. He is also a teacher and author of four books, including (with Ken Wilber) Integral Life Practice: A 21st-Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening.

Integral Life Practice: Bringing New Intelligence to the School of Life

Part of forging a new spiritual path is the creation of new and innovative forms of spiritual practice. Yet as integral, evolutionary, postmodern thinkers we face a unique challenge: to integrate the insights of the traditions into new forms that are best suited to our contemporary spiritual life.

In this interview with Integral Life Practice co-author and co-creator Terry Patten, you’ll learn what essential ingredients we need in order to develop an authentic contemporary transformative practice. You’ll discover:

  • The four essential experiences you can use to create your own Integral Life Practice
  • How to deepen and revitalize your relationship with your spiritual tradition
  • Which three spiritual perspectives will create a more powerful transformative practice
  • How to find authentic spiritual teachers that will support your progress on a contemporary spiritual path

Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton

Sally Durgananda Kempton is a teacher of inner yoga, trained in the nondual traditions of Hindu wisdom. Known for her ability to convey esoteric tantric teachings with an acute sense of the psychological and practical challenges of contemporary life, her classes and trainings offer a deep transmission of heart-based spaciousness. She is the author of The Heart of Meditation and writes the popular “Wisdom” column for Yoga Journal.

The Continuous Awakening: Sustaining an Authentic Practice in a Chaotic World

In our fast-paced, contemporary life, most of us don’t have the option to step out of everyday life and choose a purely monastic path. In the midst of our commitments, relationships, and careers, we nevertheless want to pursue deep transformative spiritual practice.

In this dialogue, Sally Kempton speaks to the core questions we face as contemporary spiritual practitioners. She shares openly from her knowledge as a longtime practitioner with roots in a traditional path and illuminates the depth, grace and love that is available to us through a second-person relationship with the divine. In this uplifting session, you’ll learn:

  • How to ensure you have healthy relationships with spiritual teachers
  • What to do when you face doubt and insecurity on your spiritual path
  • How to ensure that your change-making work in the world is effective at the deepest level possible
  • Specific meditation practices for working with loss and letting go

Marilyn Mandala Schlitz


Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is a social anthropologist, researcher, writer, and charismatic public speaker. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Worldview Enterprises. She also serves as President Emeritus and a Senior Fellow at the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Additionally, she is a Senior Scientist at the California Pacific Medical Center, where she focuses on health and healing, and board member of Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her books include: Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind Body Medicine and Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life.

Spiritual Transformation in a Postmodern World: A Report from the Laboratory

President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Marilyn Mandala Schlitz is poised at the cutting edge of consciousness research and the study of transformative experience. After studying three groups of spiritual practitioners and identifying the relationship between spiritual practices and health, emotion and psychological well-being, Marilyn reveals her latest insights about the unique and essential qualities that lead to transformation.

Through this lively discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How to tell the difference between “exceptional” and “transformative experiences in your own life
  • What single common element is shared across the transformative experiences of spiritual masters
  • Which key qualities will cultivate transformative experiences in your life
  • The surprising discovery that will change the way you respond to crisis and challenge

Genpo Roshi


Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi received dharma transmission in both the Soto Zen and Rinzai Zen traditions. He is the second dharma successor of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, with whom he began his Zen practice in 1972. In 1996 he received inka (final seal of approval as Zen master) from Roshi Bernard Glassman, Glassman being Maezumi’s first dharma successor. In 1999 he originated the Big Mind process, which has become central to his teaching since then. His publications include The Eye Never Sleeps, Beyond Sanity and Madness, 24/7 Dharma, and The Path of The Human Being, Big Mind/Big Heart: Finding Your Way, and many DVDs.

The Future of Buddhism: Big Mind, Big Heart and the Evolution of the Dharma

A traditional Zen master and contemporary spiritual innovator, Genpo Roshi developed his original teaching method, Big Mind, by integrating insights from western psychology together with timeless wisdom and practice from the Zen tradition. His engaging and interactive approach enables students at any level to have a direct and life-changing experience of their own true nature.

In this profound and insightful interview, Genpo Roshi shares the origins of the Big Mind process and explains:

  • How to integrate an evolutionary perspective into your meditation practice in the most effective way
  • Why jealousy contains enormous transformative potential—and how to work with it
  • How to go beyond a “one size fits all” idea of enlightenment
  • The most common pitfalls of integrating eastern and western practices—and how to avoid them

You’ll get to hear Genpo demonstrate the Big Mind process live with a participant and reveal how you can use this practice at home to radically deepen your own meditation practice.

Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is an internationally acknowledged leader and the preeminent scholar of the Integral stage of human development, which is a philosophical perspective that continues to gather momentum around the world. His many books, all of which are still in print, include Integral Spirituality; No Boundary; Grace and Grit; Sex, Ecology, Spirituality; and the “everything” books: A Brief History of Everything and A Theory of Everything (probably the shortest introduction to his work). He is the founder of Integral Institute, Inc., the cofounder of Integral Life, Inc., and the Senior Fellow of Integral Life Spiritual Center.

Integral Spirituality: Embracing the Three Faces of God

How can we ensure that our contemporary spiritual path and practice will be truly integral? In this sweeping and accessible review of spiritual thought, Ken Wilber explains why the idea of evolution changes our understanding of enlightenment itself. He also illuminates why our spiritual wisdom can actually make us more egocentric, rather than less, if our spiritual path is missing any of the “three faces of God.” In this piercing discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly and easily evaluate the many alternative spiritual paths available today
  • How your ego can “freeze” spiritual development and create obstacles to enlightenment
  • The common limitation all spiritual groups and organizations face today–and how it can be overcome
  • How you can cultivate more balance in your existing spiritual practice

Carter Phipps

Carter Phipps

As executive editor of EnlightenNext magazine for over a decade, Carter Phipps has been at the forefront of contemporary cultural discourse, and his writings have played a key role in making important new thinking accessible to a wider audience. He is also the founder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution, a non-profit social policy institute, whose mission is to bring new insights on the evolution of culture to the arena of politics and social policy. His first book, Evolutionaries: Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science’s Greatest Idea, was published by Harper Perennial in June 2012.

Evolution Changes Everything: How the Discovery of Progress is Transforming the Spiritual Path

The very idea of evolution itself challenges to some of our most cherished spiritual beliefs—and it’s changing culture and consciousness in ways we’re only just beginning to understand. If we want to effectively engage this creative force of the cosmos, we first have to learn to hold an evolutionary perspective.

In this clear and straightforward discussion, Carter Phipps describes the profound shifts in awareness, spiritual practice, and cultural understanding that an evolutionary perspective creates. You’ll explore:

  • The “spell” that many of us don’t even realize we’re under, and why it actually takes away from our freedom
  • How to go beyond the subtle traps of ego and narcissism
  • How to discern that we’re really in touch with the evolutionary impulse
  • How to experience the higher purpose of life

Diane Musho Hamilton

Diane Hamilton

Diane Musho Hamilton is an exceptionally gifted mediator, group facilitator, and one of the authentic contemporary spiritual teachers of our time. She began her studies at Naropa University in 1983 with Choygam Trungpa Rinpoche, and became a Zen student of Genpo Roshi’s in 1997. In 2003, she received ordination as a Zen monk and received dharma transmission from Roshi in 2006. She is well known as an innovator in facilitating group dialogue, especially conversations about culture, religion, race, and gender relations, and was the first director of the Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Utah Judiciary, where she established the original mediation programs in the state court system. Diane has worked with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute since 2004.

Facing the Shadow: An Integral Approach to the Dark Side

Many of us have had “peak” spiritual experiences and are able to access expanded states of awareness. Yet in spite of that, we still get hung up when we encounter certain qualities in ourselves and other people. In this dialogue, gifted facilitator, mediator and Zen teacher Diane Hamilton shows us how to address this discrepancy with practices that directly address the stickier “shadow” elements of our consciousness—those unintegrated aspects of ourselves that we tend to recognize first in others.

Through her engaging descriptions and real-life examples, you’ll learn:

  • The clues that reveal your own shadow is at work
  • Practices for re-integrating your own shadow
  • How to recognize when shadow is at work it in groups, organizations, and culture at large
  • How to clarify your unique ways of “ego clinging” so that you can more effectively work with them in your practice
  • How to deal with family and cultural shadow

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is the chairman of Esalen Institute, which he confounded with Richard Price in 1962. He is also known for helping to spark, along with George Leonard, what came to be known as the human potential movement. Murphy is the author of many nonfiction books that explore evidence for extraordinary human capacities, including The Future of the Body, The Life We Are Given (with George Leonard), and The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation (with Steven Donovan). He has also written four novels: Golf in the Kingdom, The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, Jacob Atabet, and An End to Ordinary History.

Integral Transformative Practice and the Evolution of the Whole Person

In the history of the human potential movement, the pioneering role of Esalen Institute and its leading founders cannot be underestimated. Created at the brink of an emerging “new age,” the institute has served as a critical nexus point, bringing teachers of the East and West together and producing many of today’s most influential transformative insights and practices.

In this audio, Esalen founder Michael Murphy shares his insights about the nature of human transformation and the future of this “new age” of human consciousness and evolution. In addition to hearing the story of how Integral Transformative Practice first emerged, you’ll learn:

  • The key risks and benefits of “cafeteria” approach to spiritual practice
  • Which supranormal abilities often show up on the spiritual path and how they can be honored more openly
  • What four key aspects will shape the future of integral spiritual practice
  • Why meditation alone isn’t sufficient for integral transformation

Claire Zammit Ph.D(c)

Claire Zammit

Claire Zammit is the co-creator of the Feminine Power courses for women and co-leads a thriving community of thousands of women throughout the world. She holds a Masters degree in Social Ecology and is completing her doctorate in the field of Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Claire is the co-author of the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life and co-creator and co-host of the internationally acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries.

Women on the Edge of Evolution: The Sacred Task of Midwifing the Integral Feminine

In today’s hyper-masculinized world, the need to reclaim the feminine is shared by millions—and championed by thinkers at the leading edge of spiritual, psychological, and cultural development. But so many women (and men) struggle with confusion about where to begin.

As Feminine Power co-creator Claire Zammit Ph.D(c) explains, what we need most are new evolutionary contexts and relationships that empower us to fundamentally shift our ways of being and creating together.

In this clear and captivating session, you’ll learn:

  • What 2 core patterns still limit the vast majority of today’s evolutionary women
  • The “secret sauce” that creates radically evolutionary contexts
  • How to overcome confusion and uncertainty about your own masculine & feminine aspects
  • How to become your authentic self and powerfully participate in creating the future of the world

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen

Andrew Cohen is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, cultural visionary, and founder of the global nonprofit EnlightenNext and its award-winning publication EnlightenNext magazine. Through his writings, teachings, and ongoing dialogues with leading philosophers, scientists, and mystics, he has become known as one of the defining voices of the new evolutionary spirituality. Cohen’s unusual perspective and commitment to dialogue have led to invitations to speak at numerous forums over the years, including the Parliament of the World’s Religions (2004, 2009), LOHAS International Conference, International Transpersonal Conference, Integral Leadership in Action, and the International Conference on the Frontiers of Yoga and Consciousness Research, as well as universities, spiritual centers, and business settings around the world.

Evolutionary Enlightenment: Transformative Spirituality for the 21st Century

An evolutionary perspective radically transforms our understanding of enlightenment and irreversibly changes the way we approach our own personal development. In this electrifying session, spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen unpacks the essential differences between historic enlightenment and the “new enlightenment” of an evolutionary spirituality.

With piercing and eloquent descriptions Andrew invites you to let your heart and consciousness be touched by the unstoppable spirit of evolution itself. You’ll learn:

  • How to generate indomitable personal creative power
  • Why the idea that “God needs us desperately” will transform your practice
  • How to become “liberated from yourself”—and why this dissolves the limitations of fear and desire
  • The single most important dimension of your practice—no matter what practice it is

Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh

Steve McIntosh J.D. is a leader in the integral philosophy movement and author of Evolution’s Purpose—An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins (SelectBooks 2012), and Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution—How the Integral Worldview Is Transforming Politics, Culture, and Spirituality (Paragon House 2007). He currently works as a Founding Partner of the new social policy foundation: The Institute for Cultural Evolution. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia Law School and the University of Southern California Business School, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two sons.

Evolutionary Spirituality and the Integral Worldview

How can we best make sense of the new and complex landscape of spiritual thought and practice? In this thought-provoking discussion, integral philosopher and author Steve McIntosh illuminates the patterns and relationships behind these new emergents and explains why integral spirituality has a key role to play in the future of postmodern spirituality. You’ll learn:

  • The key pattern that makes sense of all historic transformations
  • How to recognize pathology at any level of consciousness
  • Why your consciousness “shows up differently” depending where you are
  • What integral leadership looks like, especially in times of crisis

Dr. Don Beck

Don Beck

Don Beck has been developing, implementing, and teaching the evolutionary theory of Spiral Dynamics for more than three decades. Based on the pioneering work of psychologist Claire Graves, Spiral Dynamics is a powerful multidimensional model for understanding evolutionary transformation. Dr. Beck’s career has taken him to such diverse settings as 10 Downing Street, inner city schools on the south side of Chicago, the headquarters of the World Bank, and the boardrooms of major banks, energy companies, airlines, and government agencies around the world. He is a cofounder and the CEO of the Spiral Dynamics Group, Inc., and the author (with Chris Cowan) of the definitive text Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change.

Agents of Evolution: Applying our Deepest Wisdom to the Transformation of the World

Global change is happening in a chaotic fashion: quickly in some areas, hardly at all in others—and the change is both alarming and uplifting. For those of us who seek wise, spiritually-rooted, integral change, we first have to understand how transformation occurs, and be willing to transform ourselves.

Dr. Don Beck describes why the key to becoming an effective agent of large scale systems change is having being able to see developmental patterns at work. With an in-depth tour of Spiral Dynamics Integral, this session will uplevel your understanding of how human consciousness develops across clans, cultures and countries. You’ll learn:

  • How to effectively intervene in groups at different developmental levels and bring about healthy change
  • The core skills and characteristics that evolutionary leaders need to have
  • Why so many social change efforts fail, and insight into why successful efforts work
  • What research reveals are the three unique characteristics of integral, evolutionary thinkers and leaders

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